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With an incredible 3,200 colleges and universities, the United States is a top destination for international pupils pursuing a higher education. The educational year 2020–21 had an enormous registration of 914,095 foreign students in the US, based on statistics from Statista. The search for universities in the USA for MS (Master of Science) perpetually attracts the biggest enrollment of students among the numerous educational opportunities following the previous year. American STEM programs have received praise from all over across the globe for their extremely high teaching standards and research opportunities. Surprisingly, the USA is home to eight of the top 10 universities in the 2022 Times Higher Learning rankings for universities worldwide.

Notwithstanding the prestigious MS institutions, the US is an amalgamation of different backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds. Indian students therefore have a unique opportunity to benefit from career and personal improvement through obtaining an MS in the US.

The search for an MS in the USA is the primary topic of this comprehensive blog, during which we go into tremendous detail about top colleges, suggested courses, requirements for admission, tuition expenses, employment possibilities, and much more. Our goal is to answer all of the queries you have about pursuing an MS in the USA

Why Prefer to Obtain Your MS in the USA?

Students from throughout the globe are drawn to the United States because it is a center of information. It continues to be the top choice for anyone interested in attending school abroad, particularly those who want to get a Master of Science (MS) degree. Take into account the following as an important point to fully comprehend the benefits of acquiring knowledge in this cosmopolitan country.

Strong Advantages for Attending an MS in the USA:

Phenomenal Institutions

A total of 202 American institutions of higher learning are highlighted in the biennial QS World University Rankings for 2023, with the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology preserving the top spot. Unquestionably, there are many prestigious colleges and institutions in the USA.

Best cities

The United States of America is home to 14 cities that have been named to the QS Best Student Cities 2022 list, alongside its esteemed universities. Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago are a few important to note exceptions.

Intellectual Flexibility

Being able to change the subject you are studying during the second semester of study is a big benefit of getting an MS in the United States of America. This provides you with a full year to research different topics and discover your specific field of expertise.

Temporary Recruitment

Possessing a student visa with the F-1 classification gives you the chance to work a variety of temporary employment in the United States. At the moment, international learners seeking a Master of Science in the United States are limited to working 20 hours per week, with both on- and off-campus employment possible.

Certification Possibilities

If you are studying on an F-1 student visa, you may also be eligible for paid training possibilities like optional hands-on training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT), which are particularly relevant to the program of study you have undertaken. However, some specific requirements should be met. Consult the Training Programmes section of the authorized United States government page for more information.

Finest MS Programs and Concentrations in the USA

The vast array of experiences and expertise offered by master’s degree programs in the United States will help you shape your career path. Internships and academic study are essential parts of almost all MS programs in the USA. Learners receive an all-encompassing education as a result of obtaining an MS degree in the United States, preparing them for accomplishments in their private as well as their professional lives.

Let’s get started now and explore a number of the top MS programs and specializations accessible in the USA:

A. Engineering & Technology

  1. Biomedical Engineering
  2. Data Science
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Industrial Engineering
  7. Computer Engineering
  8. Aeronautical Engineering

B.Business & Management

  1. Business Analytics
  2. International Management
  3. Finance
  4. Marketing
  5. Engineering Management

C.Public Health

  1. Environmental Health Sciences
  2. Population, Family & Health
  3. Epidemiology
  4. Biostatistics


  1. Biology
  2. Cognitive Sciences
  3. Chemistry
  4. Mathematics
  5. Physics
  6. Planetary Sciences

Several MS in the USA consists of a wide range of particularities to accommodate students’ different passions and professional objectives. The US offers an extensive selection of educational opportunities that will encourage your success, whether your interests lie in technological fields, administration and business, health care for everyone, or the sciences.

Criteria Regarding Admission to an MS Course in the United States

You have to meet multiple requirements for admission to enroll in an MS program in the USA. Let’s get started by examining them carefully:

Requirement of undergraduate degree 

Having an undergraduate degree or a higher level of education in a relevant subject topic of study is the primary requirement for obtaining a master’s degree in the USA. Many colleges and universities normally demand an elementary undergraduate score of 60%, while particular score standards may vary depending on the subject and institution.

Linguistic prerequisite

As a component of the admissions procedure for an MS program in the USA, the majority of universities demand international pupils, including Indian students, to pass an English proficiency test. The following are the minimum required scores for these exams:

The International English Language Testing 6.5 – 7.5

TOEFL: 88 – 100


A GMAT or GRE score is frequently needed for universities in the USA for MS in sectors like finance and management. For certain programs, a strong GMAT score is necessary but it does not matter for others. For master’s degrees in the USA, median GMAT scores traditionally fluctuate between 600 to 740, whereas average GRE scores typically fall between 318 and 329.

Expertise at Employment

In the USA, attaining an MS program traditionally necessitates 2 to 3 years of professional work experience. However, some courses do not require previous employment as a prerequisite.

Student authorization and passports

For Indian students searching for an MS in the USA, possessing an acceptable passport and an educational visa are necessities that cannot be overlooked. One must keep in mind that visa applications are best completed at least three months before the anticipated departure date. 

Cost of attaining an MS in the USA

Based on the course you choose, the school you attend, and how you spend your time, studying in the US will cost money. Tuition fees as well as price of living are the two primary components that make up the total cost of education.

Tuition fees

The cost of an MS in the USA depends on the university you choose and the particular program you want to enroll in. Costs of MS programs in the USA can range, on average, from about 20,000 USD to 70,000 Dollars.

Costs of living

The type of accommodation they select and their tastes also have an impact on the cost of living expenses for foreign learners in the United States. Student housing is frequently the best choice for people on a restricted budget. Additionally, some inevitable costs must be considered. The average monthly cost for necessities for overseas students entering the USA often ranges from 900 to 1500 USD.


That concludes our discussion on pursuing an MS degree in the USA, especially for international students. The United States, being a melting pot of diverse cultures, offers a remarkable opportunity to expand your knowledge and global perspective. From top-tier education and a high quality of life to a diverse range of entertainment options catering to various tastes, studying in the USA is unquestionably a life-changing experience.

If you require additional guidance and support regarding your aspirations to study MS in the USA, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team of Jamboree Education Professionals. They will assist you every step of the way.


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