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With its emphasis on practical skills and industry exposure, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management course attempts to equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in diverse industries. Moreover, pursuing this study plan opens doors to various career opportunities for you in today’s competitive job market. 

But, as a recent PGDM graduate, are you not aware of which industries you can work in? In that scenario, you can read our blog, which will take you through some industries that highly value Diploma in Management postgraduates as well as provide insights into their career prospects and growth potential.

Table of Contents:

  1. PGDM- Course Information
  2. Course Highlights
  3. Employment Pathways
  4. Which are the Highly Valuable Industries for PGDM Graduates?
  5. Final Thoughts
  6. FAQs

PGDM- Course Overview 

As a business management programme that caters to multiple industry requirements, a postgraduate diploma in management can assist you in developing pertinent hard and soft skills to become an industry-ready management professional. Also, Universal AI University in Mumbai offers this 2-year professional diploma course to develop leaders who are inventive, moral, accountable, and globally minded and who will alter businesses and society as a whole.

Course Highlights

To delve deep into the AICTE-approved Postgraduate Diploma in Management courses offered by Universal AI University, please refer to the table below:

Level of Education  Postgraduate Diploma 
Course Duration  2 years 
Minimum Requirement 
  • Complete 10+2 level of education and Graduation.
  • Appear for the CAT/GMAT/CMAT/CET.
Available PGDM Courses 
  • PGDM Single/Dual (EU Cert.)
  • PGDM (Foreign Collaboration)
  • PGDM (Business Management)
  • PGDM (International Management) + GMP
  • PGDM (Business Design and Innovation)

Employment Pathways 

Tabulated below are some of the professions you can choose from with a postgraduate diploma in management:

Job Profiles  Description 
  • Investment Banker 
They are in charge of approving corporate loans, raising stock capital, negotiating mergers, etc.
  • Management Consultant 
They aid a company in problem-solving, enhancing operational efficiency, and maximising growth. 
  • Data Analyst
They mostly deal with the translation of numbers, statistics, figures, and other data into English.
  • Human Resource Manager
Their tasks include recruiting and vetting potential hires, developing training and development plans, and working with other departments.

Which are the Highly Valuable Industries for PGDM Graduates?

With time, you can see how a postgraduate diploma in management is evolving into one of the most sought-after professional alternatives with a wide range of employment possibilities. According to sources, the demand for these graduates has grown by more than 120% globally. For your reference, we have listed below the top industries you can choose from after attending one of the best PGDM colleges in Mumbai:

  • Consultancy

You can remember the consulting sector because of its high demand for adaptable experts and a good fit for those with a Postgraduate Diploma in Management. Additionally, consulting sectors can be your ideal working area if you have a PG management diploma and are a strong communicator with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Moreover, this sector offers a variety of intriguing options, whether it be in management consulting, financial advisory, or technological consulting.

  • Finance and Banking

With a postgraduate diploma in management, you will also be highly valued in the banking and financial business. In addition, you will be well-prepared to succeed in positions like financial analysts, investment bankers, and financial advisers thanks to your comprehension of financial analysis, risk management, and investment strategies. You can also better negotiate complicated financial transactions and make wise decisions if you have a postgraduate diploma in management.

  • Information Technology

Graduates with PG Diplomas in Management are seeing a wide range of professional opportunities in the IT sector. You can also significantly contribute to the creation and application of novel solutions with the information you have gained from this course. Additionally, positions in project management, IT consulting, and business analysis are ideal for graduates of PGDM courses Mumbai and for those looking to take on difficult positions that include the combination of business and technological expertise.

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

With a postgraduate management diploma programme, you may build a special set of highly sought-after abilities and effectively pursue a career in the healthcare and pharmacy sectors. This study plan will also deepen your comprehension of healthcare marketing, administration, and strategic planning, preparing you for positions such as healthcare consultants, pharmaceutical marketing managers, or hospital administrators. Along with guaranteeing successful service delivery, you can effectively improve the healthcare system.

  • Retail

Retail industries, as you are aware, operate in a fast-paced environment with constantly shifting consumer needs. You will therefore be highly regarded in these industries as a postgraduate diploma in Management graduate for your knowledge of market trends, brand management, and consumer behaviour. You can frequently find fulfilling positions in product management, retail operations, sales, and other fields because of your strategic thinking skills and capacity to lead marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts

As a whole, the sectors that we have discussed in this blog are only a few examples of where PGDM graduates are highly appreciated. But, with the necessary combination of hard and soft skills through this course, you will become a valued asset in any organisation. Furthermore, you can start with rewarding jobs and contribute to the expansion and success of numerous industries as a result of your knowledge and practical experience.


  • What skills of management diploma holders make them valuable employees?

The management diploma holders can succeed by having the following skills:

  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving 
  • Analytical Thinking 
  • Effective Communication
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teamwork and Adaptability
  • Can PGDM graduates pursue careers in non-profit organisations?

You will be highly valued in non-profit sectors after completing a PGDM programme. This is because you can bring your managerial and strategic expertise to help drive social impact and manage their operations.

  • Can a postgraduate diploma in management leverage my network?

You can find plenty of networking opportunities in postgraduate management diplomas through alumni networks, connections with the industry, guest lecturers, and internships. 

  • What is the average cost of a postgraduate diploma course in management? 

Although the total expenses of a PG Diploma in Management depend on multiple factors and vary from college to college. However, the total average PG Management Diploma course fee ranges between INR 10-11 lakhs.


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