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Jun88 is the perfect betting playground for sports enthusiasts, especiallyFutsal. The unit provides nine blue odds tables with hundreds of different tournaments giving players the opportunity to make quality money. To gain more knowledge about Futsal football, please take the time to refer to the following article.

Jun88  explains what Futsal football is?

Futsal is a variation of traditional soccer played on indoor artificial fields. The discipline was born in the 1930s in Montevideo, Uruguay. Juan Carlos Ceriani is the father who built and developed this interesting entertainment.

According to research by Jun88 , also in 1930, Futsal football appeared in São Paulo and quickly became popular with South American fans. By 1958, the Brazilian Sports Federation developed official rules for this new type of football.

Futsal matches are played in small spaces with teams of 5 players on each side and using low-bouncing balls. Although the appeal cannot be compared to traditional gameplay, Futsal tournaments still attract viewers with their beautiful and impressive performances.

 Jun88  explains about indoor Futsal football

Regulations on playing time of Futsal football

How many rounds does Futsal play and how long it takes is a question that many bettors discuss on the forum. Jun88 . Below are a few rules and regulations issued by FIFA:

  • Each fight is carried out in 2 rounds. Instead of taking place 45 minutes, the duration of each half in Futsal is 20 minutes.
  • When the fight is about to end and a team is awarded a penalty, the match will continue until the penalty is taken.
  • Each team has a 15-minute break at halftime to recover and discuss tactical adjustments.
  • Experts Jun88  said that, during the match, each team has 1 time-out for 1 minute for each half.
  • When the discussion time ended, the referee blew the whistle and the two teams continued the dramatic fight.
  • The consultation process is only for official players playing on the field. Therefore, reserve members will not be able to participate.

Specific match time of Futsal football

Basic rules of indoor soccer Futsal

Understanding Futsal rules will help players be more confident when participating in soccer betting at Jun88 . According to research, FIFA or AMF is the unit that issues and maintains the rules of this sport, specifically as follows:

Number of players and dress code when participating in Futsal

As mentioned, Futsal football is played indoors, each team consists of 5 members participating in the official competition, including: Goalkeeper, striker, winger, defender. Besides, Jun88  We also summarize the following interesting information:

  • Unlimited number of substitutions with a maximum number of players of 7.
  • If a team has less than 3 players, the match will end.
  • The competition outfit is similar to the traditional type including clothes, socks and rubber shoes. According to information Jun88  gathered, the goalkeeper is allowed to wear long pants of a different color to be easily distinguished from the referee and other members.
  • Players are not allowed to wear jewelry or metal objects because they are potentially dangerous during competition.
  • During the competition, the coach has the right to direct and develop tactics but must behave properly and not hinder the opponent.

 Jun88  answers questions about referees in Futsal football

A Futsal soccer match will have the presence of 3 referees, ensuring the competition takes place fairly and according to the rules:

  • Referee: The person who has the right to stop the match in necessary cases when there is an impact from the field.
  • Assistant referee: Stands outside the sideline to monitor and give instructions for kick-in instructions to the team. This person can change roles to become the main referee when an incident occurs.
  • Table referee: Responsible for recording, managing and summarizing information and data about the match and can replace the assistant referee.

The referee team controls the Futsal match

Gymnasium standards of Futsal football sport

As information Jun88  Just provided, Futsal is played indoors on wooden courts or artificial materials that are flat, smooth and non-abrasive. Dimensions are specified according to international standards:

  • Standard length ranges from 38 to 42m.
  • The prescribed width is from 20 – 25m.

Competitions are at a lower level, the field can vary in size from 25 – 42m long and 16 – 25m wide. However, the football field must be rectangular and have a goal line shorter than the goal line.

So, our bookie helped you understand football better Futsal Jun88 What is it and some basic rules surrounding this subject. Other interesting information will be compiled and provided by bookmaker experts in the next content. To bet on quality bets, members should not ignore interesting knowledge taste hey.


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