(Last Updated On: June 13, 2023)

Moistcritikal is an up-and-coming rapper, producer, and songwriter hailing from the city of Los Angeles. His music is known for its unique blend of hip hop, soul, and R&B, with a sprinkling of Latin sounds. He has become a popular figure in the music industry, with an ever-growing fan base. In this article, we will look at Moistcritikal’s biography, Wiki, Height, Age, and Net Worth.

Moistcritikal Biography

Moistcritikal was born in Los Angeles, California, and started his career by producing music for local artists. He eventually began to make his own music, and his sound caught the attention of many in the music industry. His debut album, “The Life I Live”, was released in 2018 and quickly became a hit. Since then, Moistcritikal has released several singles and music videos, as well as a follow-up album, “Life in the City”. His music has been featured in films and television shows, and he has also collaborated with other artists.

Wiki, Height, Age, Net Worth

Moistcritikal is currently 27 years old. He stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall. As of 2021, his estimated net worth is $500,000.

Moistcritikal is a rising star in the music industry, and his unique sound is quickly gaining recognition. His music has been featured in films and television shows, and he has collaborated with other artists. With his estimated net worth of $500,000, Moistcritikal is definitely an artist to watch out for in the coming years.


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