(Last Updated On: October 28, 2023)

You can find a standard elliptical machine at most gyms across the U.S. These machines are a popular choice for those beginning their fitness journey and those who have been at it for a while. Their popularity comes from being very gentle on joints, as well as being easily accessible.

Despite their popularity and ease on the body, they can still result in injury if the user is not working out on them properly. Many trainers attest to the fact that they see people misusing them all of the time. With the proper form, you can get more from your workouts.

The way that you hold your body will have a direct impact on how successfully you achieve your fitness goals. It is just as essential to keep your body healthy as it is to reach your goals for fitness aesthetics. Below, we discuss a general guide on how to sculpt your body and, more specifically, how to use elliptical trainer workouts with proper form.

Notice your posture on the elliptical trainer.

As you adjust to an elliptical workout, you may notice that your posture shifts as you become more fatigued. To accommodate your tiredness, you may unknowingly move your weight toward the front of the machine to take off some of the stress on your legs. As a result, you may slouch.

When you’re misusing a machine and repeating the same movements repeatedly, you’re not coming at it from a place of proper alignment, which can wreak havoc on your muscles and joints. Instead, pay attention to your shoulders and keep them aligned and down. Keeping your shoulders down alleviates bad posture and the tendency to rely on your arms to push and pull. Using your elliptical trainer with proper posture can prevent developing a tight neck and headache.

Alternate your resistance.

Many people stay at the same level of resistance for the entirety of their elliptical trainer workout. Alternate your resistance levels to help your muscles and joints get stronger and support your cardiovascular system. If you remain at the same low resistance level throughout your entire workout, your body will adapt, and this will decrease calorie burn, as well as your ease in building muscle and endurance. Instead, start at a low level for a few minutes and then increase your intensity every five minutes until you’re working at a challenging pace.

Keep your workout unpredictable.

You can continue progressing your muscle growth and calorie burn by including different intervals, speeds, and backpedaling into your elliptical trainer workout. When you switch things up by adding timed intervals and difficult movements, your body stays challenged. With these frequent changes, you can maximize your calorie burn and build stamina faster, especially using high-intensity intervals.

Reach your goals.

Adding more resistance and alternating speed and movement, you can develop a good elliptical trainer workout to reach your goals. To sculpt your body for maximum results, keep things moving, and don’t be afraid to switch things up as your body adapts.


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