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Apex Legends is a free-to-play, award-winning hero shooter that comes from the house of Respawn Entertainment. Players who play this game master an evolving list of legendary characters who possess unique capabilities. Similar to Fortnite, Apex Legends is a shooting game where players confront some competitors, and all of them struggle hard to be the last surviving player. You will play this game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. However, unlike Fortnite, players can’t play this game on their tablets or smartphones. Again, this game does not possess cross-platform support either. It means players can play only against people who possess the same system. 

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Become an expert player

To gain the upper hand, players use Apex cheats for sale from reliable providers. These providers allow players to get access to several hacks and cheats. The commendable thing is these providers understand that players have to put in lots of effort to excel in the intensely competitive gaming scene. Again, no matter whether a player is a long-time veteran or a new player, he will require a little support so that they can win over their enemy. When players use hacks and cheats, they can hunt for their allies while making their plans come true. 

What makes it different?

Apex Legends is different from other games like Fortnite and PUBG as it does not feature duo or solo modes. When players get involved in the single map called King’s Canyon, they have to face nineteen other trios. So, there will be sixty players who will play the game. Like other battle royale games, players can revive their team members who have been knocked down when they reach out to them pretty fast. While playing, you can grab the banner hotfoot of your fallen teammate to a closer location. Again, you can also have him into the action. Players also find the playable zone that compels other players into close proximity.

Players should keep on communicating 

In some battle royale games, players prefer to play solo as this way, they can avert being social. In this aspect, Apex Legends is different as it is a team-based game. Here, players might find themselves in a disadvantageous position if they remain mute. The fortunate thing is players can use a superb ping system that caters to mic-less or silent players. This way, they can hold their targets over locations, enemies, loot, and various other on-screen stuff. When players do this, their in-game character will be able to vocalize orders. This will also allow the teammates to see whatever a player has tagged right on the map. 

Apex Legends is a hero shooter game 

In the majority of battle royale games, all players begin the same, but Apex Legends is regarded as an exception here due to the Legends present in this game. Apex Legends is a bit similar to Overwatch at launch because there are 8 playable characters. A player needs to unlock two of them either by earning some in-game currencies or paying his real-life money. Each of them possesses some active and passive special capabilities, like the capability of throwing up in the form of an energy shield and deploying a zip line that will assist in quick movement. Every team can possess only one Legend; hence, players must select their characters carefully. This way, they will be assured that they have a strategic balance of defensive or offensive talents.

Apex Legends is located in the Titanfall universe 

While playing Apex Legends, though players do not come face-to-face with a brand novice Titanfall game, they surely get one that is located in the same world of fiction. Players do not come across the hulking and massive Titans, as well as their wall-running capabilities, when they play this game. However, players ought to know the developers of Apex Legends tried using both, but they discovered that they detracted from the process in which combat played out. 

Apex Legends is free 

The good news is Apex Legends is free, and it is out now. Hence, you can download this game on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and begin to play immediately without incurring a single penny from your end. In this aspect, this game has huge similarities to Fortnite. Respawn assures players that this game will continue to be free. 

Key Takeaways

Apex Legends is acknowledged as a novice BR game that has come from Respawn, the developer of Titanfall. This game features various character classes known as Legends. Interestingly, every legend is found with its exclusive capabilities. Additionally, Apex Legends also features a unique respawn system for reviving the whole squad of players even when they are no longer present in this game. Apex Legends is regarded as a BR game only at its heart, and its basics deal with what players hope to get from its genre. However, as this game has several characters and guns, players find lots of places that seem different from the competition.


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