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U7Buy provides professional EA Sports FC 24 boosting services to all gamers! Icon Squad Building Challenges are available in FC 24. One of the first cards that we can acquire represents English football legend David Beckham. Icon SBCs are available for many weeks, so you have enough time to grab Beckham’s Icon card.

FC 24 David Beckham Icon Squad Building Challenge

The card that we receive as a reward has 88 OVR and the right midfielder position. The attributes are 80 pacing, 85 shooting, 92 passing, 85 dribbling, 66 defending, and 79 physical. Now, let’s see how you can acquire the card. The SBC has 10 teams to complete. One of them is On a Loan team which gives the loan version for 11 exactly Gold player items. The Born Legend and Rising Star squads require exactly Bronze and Silver cards. Moving on, we have three teams based on Beckham’s career. The Galacticos team is a Real Madrid squad with a rating of 84. The Class of ’92 remembers the player’s career with Manchester United. This team must have a rating of 85. Free Kick King is about the footballer’s national career. It is an 86-rated team. The 86-rated League Finesse is about LaLiga. The League Legend team is based on the Premier League and must have a rating of 86. An 84-rated Top Notch team and an 88-rated general squad complete this Icon SBC.

David Beckham started his professional career at Manchester United and went on to become one of the club’s most iconic players. He played for Manchester United from 1992 to 2003, winning numerous titles, including the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. After his time at Manchester United, Beckham joined Real Madrid in 2003, where he continued to achieve success and became a global football icon. He played for Real Madrid until 2007. Following his departure from Real Madrid, he went to play in the MLS for LA Galaxy. His arrival in the United States had a significant impact on the growth of soccer’s popularity in the country. For the last season of his career, he joined Paris Saint-Germain. Beckham decided to donate his entire salary from the French team to a charitable organization for children in need.

His international career spanned from 1996 to 2009. He played in more than 100 games with the England national team. He captained the team to victory numerous times in FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship tournaments. After retiring from playing, he undertook managerial ventures as co-owner of the MLS club Inter Miami CF. Beyond his football career, Beckham is considered a pop culture icon. He has been involved in multiple fashion businesses. His contributions to various charitable causes have solidified his status as one of the most famous and influential athletes in the world.

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